If you have any questions about the process, please email
Before the Shabbaton
  • In order to qualify for a nomination, leaders must meet 4 out of 8 of the following requirements by December 18th: 
    • Given at least 15 hours to their chapter since the beginning of the school year
    • Has been a leader for at least a year
    • Attended at least two regional events or shabbatons
    • Attended a CTeen summer program
    • Attended a Leadership Training Day (or has registered for an upcoming training)
    • Is an ICLB leader
    • Filled out all progress reports (for ICLB leaders)
    • Participated in all webinars (for ICLB leaders)
  • By December 18th, leaders interested in nomination need to receive a recommendation from their rabbi, rebbetzin, or chapter director. The recommendation can be filled out at
  • On December 19th, qualifying leaders will receive an email notifying them of their nomination. They have 24 hours to accept the nomination.
  • After accepting the nomination, leaders submit a video to by January 15th. The purpose of the video is to highlight the leadership accomplishments and impact in a presentation under a minute long.
  • Once the video is submitted and reviewed, CTeen HQ will upload videos to the website. 
  • Online voting will take place via online poll starting January 17th at 7:59pm EST. Measures will be taken to make sure that only one vote can be entered per person.
  • Friends, family, and community can vote for a leader. One vote per category per person.
  • Online voting ends February 15th at 11:59pm EST.
  • At the International Shabbaton, teens will choose between the top 3 teens nominated.
During the Shabbaton
  • Teens will receive voting tokens and instructions with their Shabbaton registration badges.
  • Shluchim, teens, and chaperones will vote on Saturday night during the Melave Malka event. All three nomination videos will be featured during voting hours.
  • Measures will be taken to make sure that all voting happens fairly. 
  • Winners will be announced at the grand banquet on Sunday.
Before Shabbaton
  • Watch CTeen’s ten mivtzoim video to see all you chapter’s options for mitzvahs ( Together, create a campaign complete with your action plan and slogan.
  • While piloting it in your community, create a video explaining your campaign. Videos must be submitted by February 2nd. The video will be posted on the CTeen Awards website for all to see.
  • Make sure to post the video to your social media to create the hype!
During Shabbaton
  • Teens will receive voting coins in their Shabbaton registration badges, as well as instructions on how to vote.
  • Teens can vote on Saturday night. All nomination videos will be featured during voting hours. 
  • We will weigh the top three live at the grand banquet on Sunday where the winner will be revealed.
  • Winner will receive $500 towards their chapter’s mivtzah campaign.
You must apply for the award with your official CTeen membership name. Countries or states cannot apply together.

Leader of the year

Operation Mitzvah