We are excited to announce the opening of the 6th Annual CTeen Choice Awards!
Please read the following information carefully and thoroughly:
How the competition works- Before the Shabbaton
  • If you are interested in running or want to nominate your leader, please submit a video by January 15th. The video should be a maximum of 3 minutes.  If you’re in need of inspiration, click on "vote" above to see examples from last year.
  • Submissions must be emailed to by January 15th at 11:59pm EST.
  • Once your video is sent and approved, we will notify you and upload it to the website.
  • Online voting will take place via a FB poll which will be linked to the website on January 17th by 7:59 PM EST.
  • Your friends, family, and community can vote. One vote (per category) per person.
  • Nominees will get updates on their status bi-monthly. Updates will not be given by Headquarters other than those times. 
  • Online voting ends February 14th at 11:59pm EST.
  • The top 3 nominations in each category will move on to the final round at the International Shabbaton.
  • If you're submitting a video for Operation Mitzvah - it must be sent in by February 10th. There will be no voting before the Shabbaton. Every chapter that submits for this category will be an automatic nominee for the Shabbaton.
How the competition works- During the Shabbaton
  • Teens will receive voting coins in their Shabbaton registration badges, as well as instructions on how to vote.
  • Teens can vote on Saturday night. All three nomination videos will be featured during voting hours. (Only 1 minute of each video will be shown. Nominees are welcome to shorten their videos if they do so before Feb 19th).
  • The voting boxes will be guarded by security; any teens who alter or attempt to cheat will lose voting rights.
  • Winners will be determined at the grand banquet on Sunday by weighing all of the boxes.

If you have any questions please email Good luck!